Dota 2: SEA Server vs EU Server – Which Server is Better and Why?

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  Dota2 is arguably the most played and most complicated MOBA game ever created. The game created and published by Valve Corp has its own online matchmaking server where players can join Normal Pub matches or Ranked Matches. Even though most prestigious tournaments are on LAN the game is mainly played on online servers. Does not matter if you are a professional player or not, you have to play your Ranked games on these servers to gain or drop your Match Making Rank which is also a huge decider of whether you can become a professional or not.

  The Servers:

  Dota2 has servers for every region however now all of them are for Ranked games. While there are servers dedicated to a country such as Indian Server or Japan Server, there are also servers that are dedicated to an entire region and so they have a larger players base which results in a faster Match Making time.

  Few of the highly populated and most renowned servers are South-East Asia server (SEA), EU West, EU East, China, and North America (NA).

  The Player Base:

  Every server has its own player base, the player base made of people living in that region. The servers are well maintained but the priority of maintenance depends on the player pool. The far away the server is from you the higher ping you will get on these servers. Higher the ping you get, laggier it is. In a game like Dota2, nobody wants to lag or drop their FPS. EU server is mostly crowded with the player base from Europe region, a little bit or Russian player base, Peruvian player base and so on. NA servers are mostly crowded with players from America and Canada. SEA server is mostly crowded with players from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia and neighborhood countries.

  Controversy and Claims against the Servers

  “Toxic” is one of those overused terms when it comes to online gaming and Dota2 is no different. We often hear players complaining about a server being toxic. Not just regular pub players even pro players have complained a lot about certain servers. Racism has been a part of every online game but in Dota2 it has taken a very deeper dig in few regions. We often hear players of EU servers complaining about Peruvians while SEA server players complaining about players from the Philippines. What else really make a server better or unplayable? Here we tried to break it down the things that matter and end the long-term controversy of which server is better. Eu or SEA?